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Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

Getting started in hockey can seem daunting but we're here to help!  Assuming you've made it this far, you've probably already registered your player for the season.  So what's next?

Step 1:  The season starts on the first weekend in October.  The full schedule will be uploaded to our calendar page as time gets closer.  So you'll need to have your player outfitted with equipment before then. Scroll down for a list of things you need and where to buy or click the document below to download a copy of the equipment checklist.

Step 2:  Check out the frequently asked questions below.  After reading over those, if you still have questions, give us a shout!  You can drop an email to the league or head over to the contacts page if you'd like to speak with someone live (president's phone number is listed).

Step 3:   Attend the new parent's orientation meeting held prior to the beginning of the season.  This is where you can get all those last minute questions answered and check out equipment.    

Step 4:  Sit back and watch your kid have the time of his or her life!

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Does my child need to know how to skate before we sign him/her up for hockey?  The answer is no, with the exception of maybe the bantam age level (ages 13 and 14) where the physical contact becomes a bigger part of the game.  You would be surprised how quickly a kid picks up skating once he or she starts.

2.  What is house league and what is the commitment?  House league hockey is recreational and developmental level hockey.  Each team will play against the other teams in the interleague (IYHA - Carmel, FYHA - Fishers, and CYHL - Coliseum) as well as other SIYHA teams.  Teams usually practice once or twice a week with a game on Saturday.  Our season usually runs from Mid-October to Mid-March.

3.  Which age group does my child fall under?  USA Hockey places kids in groups based on birth year.  See the chart above for additional info.

4.  Is hockey really expensive?  Like most sports, hockey can be really expensive when you start buying top-of-the-line equipment.  But when broken down by game or months, hockey is competitively priced with other sports.  It just happens that the hockey season spans about 6 months which is why the sport seems so expensive.  The outline of costs can be found in the document at the bottom of this page.

5.  What equipment will my child need?  The equipment your child will need is: skates, stick, helmet, facemask, gloves, shin pads, elbow pads, shoulder pads, hockey pants/breezer and a protective cup.  SIYHA does have limited equipment for mites and mini-mites supplied by USA Hockey.  We use this for first time players to "test out the sport" and so parents won't have to make a huge equipment investment if they're unsure about their child's interest. 

6.  What is the ADM and what is it's purpose?  USA Hockey developed the American Development Model or ADM as a nationwide model for successfully developing American hockey players. It is a tool that will ensure every kid will have the same chance to succeed. For more information visit

7. What kind of training have our coaches received?  For SIYHA and other USA Hockey affiliated organizations, in order for a coach to be on the ice and work with our kids, they must first register with USA Hockey and attend a 4-6 hour Level 1 Coaching Clinic. Coaches must also take a 4 hour online age specific module. Between the 4-6 hour classroom and 4 hour Online module, coaches go through an extensive training course to ensure they are providing your child the best possible experience. Each year they can progress their coaching education through level 5.  

Additionally, each coach must have a background screen and get their Safe Sport certification every two years.