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 South Indianapolis Youth Hockey Association

8/17/23 Board Meeting Notes 

Date of Meeting: 8/17/23

Next meeting: 9/18/23 @ Perry Park

Present: Tony Kerins, Andrew Parsons, Jay Washington, Tyler Klassen, Shannon Romine. Alicia Boesgard, Ashleigh Taylor

Absent: N/A


  • Business Sponsorships
  • Travel Billing - Jerseys and Bags
  • Tax update
  • Outstanding  payment updates
  • Coaching Coordinator
  • House Coaches
  • Baseball Game Email
  • House Promotion
  • Holiday Practice Schedule
  • Hockey Progression Graphic Ashleigh made added to website
  • Minutes and board meetings added to website
  • Add Buckeye representative description to by laws
  • House jerseys and numbers so far


  • Business sponsorships – will review/update previous levels and look for opportunities  (Shannon) Will also create list of restaurants, etc. 

–Billing – has started, payments coming in 

–Outstanding debts from last year being pursued and being re-paid; 

Tyler will facilitate

–Taxes update

–Accountant contact not responsive; exploring other options

–Dine to Donate September 18th Handel’s, will work with Chik-Fil-A for October  

– Putting together final order for approved grant 

Coaching updates

–Coaching director – pursuing multiple options; need in place to work through House

–House coaches – have interest/names; will finalize after coaching director in place 

Promotion/Marketing (House numbers low)

–Indians Game on the schedule – email out 

–House promotion and advertising – neighborhood chats, social media, direct emails 

from mailing list 

–School promotion

  • District representative list
  • Ashleigh will send out graphic for House
  • “New to Hockey” tab on website –Hockey Progression graphic –  instructional videos, etc.    

Other Business 

–Holiday Schedule 

Practice goes until 12/23/23, 1/2/24 practice resumes; budget allows 

May be opportunity for Pond Hockey tournament over breaks 

–Board minutes 

  • Posted by start of House

–Business meetings

Details in next board meeting – planned for October 

–USA hockey registration in progress 

USA hockey open

Required for Buckeye

–Bylaw Changes 

Added description of Travel League Representative 

Team Manager Requirements will be posted on website 

–Powerskate available Friday nights  – in Crossbar, 14$ a session 

–Buckeye IPads – priced out refurbished with protective case ~300$

Board voted to purchase 

– Looking for 2 house jamborees 

Future Business 

Food trucks – profit sharing?     Additional Dine to Donate? 

Alternate player policy/ travel representative 

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