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 6/18/24 Board Meeting Notes 

Date of Meeting: 6/18/24 @ 7PM at Romine Residence

Next meeting: 7/22/24 @7PM

Present: Jay Washington, Erik Heinz, Shannon Romine. Alicia Boesgaard, Ashleigh Taylor, Rachel Brunett (Buckeye representative)

Absent: Tony Kerins



●    Finances/Fundraising

●    House Business

●    Travel Business

●    Coaching and Certifications

●    Marketing/Communication

●    Other Business

●    Future Business


Board Vacancy

●    Andrew Parsons has resigned in good standing from the SIYHA Board due to no longer having a player in the organization.    

●    Board voted on two candidates, Ryker Koontz and Ross Brinkoetter. While both have excellent qualities, board vote was in favor of Ryker Koontz for the Board opening.  Board determined that Ross will be approached about helping with House coordination with the hopes that he will run for the multiple openings next election.   

●    Board confirmed per by-laws that this will be a one year term until the next election.    

Coaching and Certifications

●    Board will keep one, consistent record of relevant certifications (USA Hockey number, Safe Sport, Coaching modules, and/ or background checks as applicable)  for the Board, Travel coaches, House coaches, and Volunteers.   

●    Board will likely ask team managers to complete the document for each team.    

●    Ashleigh working on getting a goalie coach.    In talks with many prospects, but not ready to commit to anyone at this point.   


●    100% of expected funds collected from last year.  Board has a healthy balance in our SIYHA account. 

●    Surplus from fundraisers and House came in slightly under budget helping our bottom line.   Fiscal year ends 6/30/24.   

●    $2500 is marked for marketing. 


●    Several businesses targeted for sponsorships.

●    Ashleigh has been in contact with Pure Hockey but the purchases required by SIYHA make it a less viable option.  


Travel Business


All 10 10U registered

9 of 14 12U registered

13 out of 17 14U registered

●    Mostly delays due to financial stressors.  Will inform families that registration must be completed before the first practice.  This includes off-ice practices due to liabilities.   Ashleigh will inform coaches and families.  Families will be notified to contact Board if unable to complete this.   


●    Travel Jerseys need to be ordered.  Jay will communicate with teams to get sizes. 

●    12U and 14U budgeted for ‘practice packs’ – about $75.  Tony will talk to outside provider about ordering.     

House Business

Date will be set for registration, including choosing jersey sizes.  Families that register after the deadline may not be able to choose the number.   

Other business

●    Updating bylaws each July – Board members will draft any proposed changes to be voted on at the next meeting. 

●    August 3rd will be glass cleaning day.  

●    Erik will lead cleaning the barn on a Monday evening.  

Buckeye update

●    While trying to keep costs the same, the organization is concerned as ice costs, ref costs, and other costs are increasing.    

●    League will require active online rosters from seeding tournaments on to better monitor who is playing on what team and promote fair competition.

●    Games should not be before 7AM and should be completed by 10PM

●    Curfew clock use must be stated in advance  

●    All teams will need to report certain levels of penalties to Buckeye – SIYHA will have a procedure for tracking and reporting by start of season

●    Other information and dates shared

Future business

●    Marketing proposal and cost estimate from Erik.  

●    Parent meeting plans

○    Locker room policies (Jay will draft for review next month)

○    Parent Code of Conduct

○    Player Code of Conduct

○    Penalty cheat sheets for use in the box?  To assist with teams properly recording penalties – Rachel

●    Written guidelines and support for coaches.  Consider coaching/manager meeting at beginning of season to review.    

●    Yard signs and blankets — pre-ordering and selling at start of season (Shannon)

●    Roger Sharer Award

●    Try Hockey – Nov. 3  

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