SIYHA Spectator Policy

Spectator Behavior Policy


This Zero Tolerance Spectator Behavior Policy aims to eliminate inappropriate, disruptive and abusive behavior by spectators directed at game officials, players, coaches, spectators and other participants during South Indy Youth Hockey sanctioned events. A spectator shall include any parent, sibling, family member of a participant or fan of a South Indy Youth Hockey team or Association. Should any Spectator be removed from a USAH sanctioned event or later be found to have used inappropriate, disruptive and abusive behavior (described below in Items 1 through 3, hereinafter “Abusive Conduct”) towards officials, players, coaches, spectators or other participants at a USAH sanctioned event, that Spectator shall be subject to disciplinary action as prescribed below.

1.    Use of obscene, profane, or abusive language or gestures towards officials, players, coaches, spectators or other participants.

2.    Taunting of officials, players, coaches, spectators or other participants by means of baiting, ridiculing, threat of physical violence or physical violence.

3.    Throwing any object in the spectators’ viewing area, players’ bench, penalty box or on ice surface, directed in any manner as to create a safety hazard.

Spectators shall be subject to the following disciplinary action whether the removal is by a game official, security personnel, facility personnel, or Association personnel, or if the alleged Abusive Conduct is investigated after the fact by the Association and or USAH and found to be true in accordance with the following evidentiary standard. If, after removal or upon investigation after the fact, such alleged Abusive Conduct is found to have occurred by a preponderance of evidence, the following disciplinary action shall be imposed on the Spectator(s) that were removed and/or found to have committed Abusive Conduct during a USAH sanctioned event.


1.    First Offense - a suspension from all events involving the Association for a minimum of fourteen (14) days to a maximum of thirty (30) days.


2.    Second Offense - a suspension from all events involving the Association for a minimum of thirty (30) days to a maximum of one hundred twenty (120) days.


3.    Third Offense - a suspension from all events until a decision has been rendered from an USA Hockey Affiliate hearing.


All suspension periods shall run from the date of the incident in question.



Each Team in South Indy Youth Hockey shall be required to designate a volunteer(s) to serve as a parent/spectator monitor during all USAH sanctioned events. This designated monitor will address inappropriate spectator behavior prior to the situation escalating to the point it has an impact on the game by notifying security personnel and/or facility personnel. This designated monitor shall have the full support of SIYHA may call on facility management and/or game security to remove any spectator in violation of this Policy. The team manager shall be responsible to oversee the parent/spectator monitors for the Association.



Allegations of Abusive Conduct shall be reported using the attached Incident Report Form. The identity of reporters will be kept confidential. However, reporters must provide their name and valid contact information. Anonymous reports, especially those presented without corroborating evidence such as video, may not be to be acted upon at the sole discretion of South Indy Youth. SIYHA will forward all Spectator Incident Report Forms to the Mid-Am District ( for establishment of a record regarding the incident alleged.

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